By Carla Olivo, Marine Spouse

T’was the night before Christmas (and a PCS),

When all through the base house,

Not a soldier or Marine was stirring, not even a mil-spouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that the packers would not soon be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While Mom and Dad planned the military move that lie ahead.

The Holiday PCS

PCSing is always a challenge, despite all the plans that have been laid,

But for this particular move, they had a secret weapon called PCSgrades.

Base housing, local neighborhoods, and REALTORS® too,

Trusted, dependable reviews from other military families like me and you.

Scrolling the website my wondering eyes could see,

All kinds of info from the Pentagon to Fort Lee.

Reviews on base housing, neighborhoods … I can even find mortgage lenders!

All on one website: military, spouses, and even veteran vendors!

I couldn’t pull myself away as I studied the computer screen,

All my PCS info on one website and not an ad to be seen!


Yes, we are movers this year,

dealing with packing, and boxes and professional gear.

But of all our PCSes, this one looks to be great,

All because of and a generous rebate.

Never a charge, it’s completely free,

Whether looking for a realtor or an off base house with a tree.

North Comm, Lackland, Fort Bragg, Campbell, or Hood,

All I need is PCSgrades to figure out if it’s good.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to our fellow military and veteran families this Holiday Season!

We are here today and your loyal support is the reason.

From our PCSgrades family to yours, we would like to say if we might,

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Carla Olivo

PCSgrades Director Strategic Communications