Buy After a PCS Move

Article by: Erin Whitehead, Director of Marketing

Moving an entire household is never an easy task, even when you have the help of packers and movers. Additionally, making a military PCS move can be expensive, despite the fact that the government covers many of the costs associated with relocation. There are tons of ways to save money but no matter how hard we try, moving to a new home inevitably means that we will be shelling out some cash for items we may not have anticipated. If this is your first PCS move (or if you haven’t done one in a while) you might be wondering what to plan for in the form of replacement items. We asked some members of our incredible community their thoughts, put our heads together, and created a list to help you budget appropriately the next time you are facing a military move!

1656317_3864925357744_646722227_nCleaning Supplies:

Movers won’t move liquids and many times we don’t want to haul our cleaning supplies with us in our POV. Additionally, one of the first things you may want to do when you move in is give your new home a thorough cleaning. Here are a few things that might be on your cleaning supply list:


    • Household Cleaners: Toilet cleaner, product for counters and/or floors, antibacterial wipes, dishwashing detergent, bleach, carpet spot cleaner, dusting product, fabric refresher.
    • Cleaning Tools: Mop, broom, dust pan, trash can, paper towels, dish rags, sponges, toilet brushes, dusters, rubber gloves, scrub brushes, trash bags. Now, where is that cleaning fairy?

Kitchen Staples:
We may hate when our neighbors move, but sometimes we end up with a fridge/freezer/pantry full of perfectly good food because almost no one takes their kitchen staples with them when they PCS. Here are some of the things you might be replacing, in addition to stocking your fridge:

    • Pantry Staples: Sugar, flour, seasonings, cereal, rice, oil, cooking spray, baking supplies, condiments, tea, coffee, creamer. Oh, and did we mention… coffee?
    • Other kitchen supplies: Trash bags, zippered bags of varying sizes, coffee filters (don’t forget the coffee filters!), tin foil, saran wrap, baking soda for fridge, shelf liners, paper towels, hand soap.

Bathroom Items:
There is nothing worse than moving into a new house, needing a plunger at 3am, and not having one… right?

    • Personal Care: Razors, shampoo, body wash, new scrubies for the whole family, qtips, cotton balls, first aid items.
    • Other Bathroom Items: Shower curtain liners, trash bags, hand soap, toilet paper, toilet PLUNGER, air freshener, rubber safety strips, bath toys, bath mats.

267882_10150317428899048_8051477_nGeneral Household Items:

You may have kept some of these items when you moved, but more often than not these items end up needing replacement as well because they just don’t travel well:



    • Air conditioner filters, propane tank, light bulbs, gas cans and gas for lawn mower, trash cans, laundry baskets, child safety items, plants, throw rugs, door mats, curtains (to fit the new space), lawn furniture, BBQ grill, curtain rods, new furniture (something doesn’t quite fit right or was broken beyond repair), rakes, dryer cord and/or vent, blinds, nails, screws, command hooks, storage containers that fit the new space.

These are items that many families say must end up in your shopping cart once you move to a new area. Are there items you would add to this list?

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erin-whiteheadAuthor Bio: Erin Whitehead is the Director of Marketing at PCSgrades. An author, vocalist and speaker, she is also a member of the American Military Spouses choir and was the 2010 Armed Forces Insurance Marine Corps Spouse of the Year. She currently lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with her two daughters and her husband who will retire from the USMC this summer. You can read more of her writing on her personal site and can follow her on Twitter @erinwhitehead