May is Military Appreciation Month, and here at PCSgrades we are celebrating military families and all their unique sacrifices. It takes someone who has experienced military life to appreciate all the incredible challenges of uprooting your life and your family to follow PCS orders. This month, we are collecting your Real Life PCS stories in a social media challenge with a special prize.

PCSgrades was created with the purpose of helping military families make PCS moves go more smoothly. It’s hard to gather information about your new duty station and know all the resources that are available when you prepare to move or buy a house. Often, military families stumble through the PCS process. Many feel rushed to make quick decisions without enough information. Buying or selling a house can be difficult if you don’t have a real estate agent who understands military life challenges.

That’s why PCSgrades is here for you! We know that PCS moves can be messy and frustrating and stressful. It’s rare for a military family to have a move go smoothly, without any unexpected changes or emotional turmoil. We know what real life PCS looks like because our team is composed of veterans, spouses, and former military brats who have all experienced multiple PCS moves. We’ve been there, done that, and designed the T-shirts! (Seriously, we have PCS T-shirts, and they’re great.) We all have our favorite PCS stories– the funny memories and the traumatic experiences. During this month of Military Appreciation, we appreciate all that you have been through, and we want to hear your Real Life PCS stories:

  • Tell us about the time you had to drive cross country with 3 kids and 2 dogs in the car.
  • We want to know about that time you PCS’d when you were pregnant…
  • Or when you had to move yourself while your service member was away.
  • What about that time your family was cramped in a hotel for 3 weeks?
  • Tell us how long it really takes you to unpack those boxes after a move!
  • Show us pictures of your move before, during and after.
  • Tell us about your experience with the movers– the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • If you moved yourself, share a tip that might help other military families.

During the month of May, we encourage you to share your photos and stories here. We want to see the real life PCS experience through your eyes, and use your experiences to help others. We will re-post your photos and stories throughout the month with the hashtag #RealLifePCS to show our appreciation for all the challenges military families face when moving. At the end of the month, we are giving away a PCS necklace made by military spouse silversmith Lauren Hope! The winner will be randomly selected during a live webinar on May 27.

Share your #RealLifePCS story here

Our PCSgrades website is full of information and reviews written by military members to help fellow military families. Whether you are looking for more information about base housing, off-base neighborhoods, local schools, moving companies, or more, we’ve got you covered! If you have lived on or near a military base, we encourage you to leave a review and help other military families in their PCS decisions. We appreciate our military families, and we are here to support you throughout the entire moving process. Wherever you are going, we are here for you!