We often hear about the many significant benefits of joining the military. While there are some perks to being a member of the Armed Forces or a military family member, qualifying for military benefits and actually using them are two different things. Whether trying to navigate veteran health services or education stipends, this process can seem confusing and overwhelming causing the service member to leave the benefits unused.

But there is good news through a newly announced initiative to help inform and better meet the needs of all our fellow service members, veterans, and their families.

RallyPoint, an online platform where more than 1.5 million service members and veterans come together to support each other and discuss military life, is joining forces with the Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis (OEMA) in their ongoing efforts to shape strategic personnel policies to the greater benefit of the active duty and veteran community.

“OEMA has provided decades of service to our military by arming Department of Defense leadership with the knowledge needed to shape policies touching the lives of everyone in uniform,” said RallyPoint CEO, Dave Gowel. “It’s an honor to assist OEMA in support of their efforts to address the well-being of soldiers and their families.”

Two programs in particular that will benefit from this new partnership are the GI Bill and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act benefits, which are both programs assessed as widely underutilized by the military populations they are intended to serve.

RallyPoint’s growth, scale, and connectivity to the broader military community and the hundreds of thousands of public discussions occurring on RallyPoint will inform the Army in their attempts to educate active duty military and veterans about the military benefits they often leave on the table.

“We appreciate organizations like RallyPoint providing assistance to the Army through research relationships with OEMA.,” said LTC Carl Wojtaszek, Director of OEMA. Moving forward, RallyPoint and the Army will work together to better inform and enable those who are serving and who have served to access the military benefits they can use today.

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