Breaking News: PCSgrades has been selected to participate in the Air Force’s Empowering Airman and Family Wellbeing Showcase, as part of the AFWERX Fusion 2020 event! We are honored to be one of the top 320 finalist submissions (out of 1,500) selected by the AFWERX evaluation team to be showcased at this year’s virtual event.

PCSgrades is an online community of fellow military members, veterans, and military spouses helping each other with the #1 stressor in military life: the PCS move (as cited in the 2019 Blue Star Families Survey, and ranked as a top 5 stressor every year). Our custom review platform is similar to Angie’s List, except we’re exclusive to the military’s relocation needs, covering topics such as off-base neighborhoods, on-base housing, apartments, moving companies, real estate agents, schools, and more.

The AFWERX Fusion showcase provides selectees with a pathway to a contract or agreement with the Air Force or other DoD services. Their goal is to “solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the Air Force by enabling thoughtful, deliberate, ground-up innovation across the Air Force.”

Military families face PCS problems

PCS moves challenge the entire military family: the service member, spouse, and children. Military families relocate seven times more often than our civilian counterparts and are ten times more likely to move across state lines. In three to six months, we make relocation decisions impacting our safety and security, children’s education, spouse’s livelihood, personal comfort, and financial well-being.

It is difficult to make all those PCS decisions without reliable information. Existing resources are typically insufficient, unreliable, or geared in favor of civilian businesses, which places military families at a significant disadvantage. The traditional system lacks a single, effective, and trusted source for top quality information on real estate communities and professionals who understand and can meet the unique demands of the stressful and unforgiving PCS process.

PCSgrades provides trusted solutions

PCSgrades is built by veterans, service members, and military spouses to serve our fellow military community during one of our times of greatest need. PCSgrades offers crowd-sourced reviews from fellow military members and military spouses on our biggest must-solve PCS needs: on and off-base housing, schools, moving companies, mortgage lenders, and real estate agents.

PCSgrades is founded on the strongly held belief that it’s the “military family” that takes care of our own. This belief was ingrained into our founder over five years while leading the fight to change U.S. Public Law to provide equal survivor benefits for Guard and Reserve families who lose loved ones in the line of duty on an administrative pay status called “IDT”.

The information on PCSgrades is available on-demand to users. Base housing and neighborhood profiles include interactive maps, commute times, street views, and school ratings. Our local area guides cover community information, things to do, details about the base, and housing market information that will help you decide whether you prefer to rent, buy, or live on base at your next installation.

How can you help?

First, do you know a person or an organization in the DoD who would like to attend this year’s AFWERX Fusion Event? They can visit PCSgrades in our live virtual exhibit booth from July 28-30:

Tuesday July 28: 1100 – 1200 EDT, 1600 – 1700 EDT
Wednesday July 29: 1100 – 1200 EDT, 1600 – 1700 EDT
Thursday July 30: 1100 – 1200 EDT

Next, everyone can help support fellow military families by submitting a review for your off-base neighborhood, base housing community, or moving company. Your honest review will help other military families during their upcoming PCS move.

Thanks for being part of the PCSgrades community!