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PCS season is in full swing and military families everywhere are gearing up for, or are in the middle of, their very own PCS road trip in route to their next duty station. We asked some military spouse bloggers and our growing Facebook community to share some of their best “PCS Road Trip Fail” stories! We know many of these were NOT a barrel of laughs at the time, but they sure did make us smile because, we have ALL been there!

PCS Road Trip Fails from Facebook

Accidentally leading my husband (driving the 24′ moving truck, towing the jeep) into a drive-thru where he couldn’t fit and had to maneuver this CRAZY turn around. Oops!

We really wish there had been pictures with this one, but Elizabeth T. told us she was too busy trying to maneuver this particular situation to get out the smart phone. We think, perhaps, Go-Pros should be the new PCS tool!

“He drove the pickup truck with the dog, I followed in our SUV towing a trailer with a 1 year old and a 2 year old. 2078 miles between the 2 duty stations, enough said! No amount of DITY $$$ could convince me to EVER do that again! Moving companies are now worth their weight in gold in our household!”

We asked Stephanie M., “How did he JUST get the dog?” Her reply? “The truck was a 4 banger, stick shift, single bench, front seat pickup (no place for car seats)… and at that age the girls would cry whenever they couldn’t see momma.” We think she deserved a spa day after that ordeal!

“Having a Uhaul hitch and stopping to get gas… getting 100 miles up the road only to realize, the hitch is still at the gas station.”

As we predicted, D’Antreses M said that the drive BACK to the gas station to retrieve the hitch, was not exactly what one would call “pleasant.”

“We moved from VA to OH and in the middle of podunk WV the 10 year old tires on my husband’s trailer popped (we have a boat, which I call “another bad idea”) in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. The scene was reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Vacation!”

Yes, Jodi M., that is exactly what we were picturing when we read this!

“How about feeding your kid mentos because what PCS doesn’t start out with some good snacks?!  But, as we are leaving our home in MI, we don’t even hit the county line 15 minutes from home and the kid chokes on said mentos. Mom hit the brakes, screeches off to the side of the road, beats his back and chest, does the Heimlich, mentos come flying out… all on the side of the road. Detour to the ER where they pumped him full of fluids and examined him, said all of it came out and I was lucky I knew what to do. 

So, we are now HOURS behind schedule, say forget it, booked a hotel and as we were leaving the hospital someone had to pee. Well since the vehicles were way back in the parking area, we weren’t walking all the way back into the hospital- he would have peed his pants, which was not how we wanted this day to conclude. We told him to just drop his shorts and pee in the grass! We made sure no one was around!”

We agree, Heather H! Red Cross classes are essential… also, we love that you took that picture! Oh, wait… but she had another story to share as well!

Photo by: Heather H

Photo by: Heather H

“Then there was the time my husband got the truck and trailer carrying the Subaru stuck in a gas station. He told ME to go in and ask people to move their vehicles. Nope. I wasn’t the one that got stuck. All these guys laughed at him, and I hate to say it but, it was hilarious. Of course I’m in the jeep with the kid laughing at dad snapping photos.”

Oh how we do appreciate good photos!

“We usually use the Penske 26′ truck, but our friends suggested using uHaul. They were cheaper, so we said “what the hey.” It wasn’t until we got the whole truck loaded and still had a room full of goods that we realized the uHaul truck that is advertised as 26′ doesn’t even come close to fitting as much as the Penske because they measure the Grandma’s attic. We ended up having to sell a lot of stuff real quick and learned our lesson to stick with Penske!”

Nothing like a last minute “we didn’t measure and we need to sell all this junk” sale in the middle of your PCS move right, Jenna B?!

PCS Road Trip Fail Stories from MilSpouse Bloggers!

We went camping across the country during our PCS, but without cold weather gear because it was summer and the car was really full. That was fine the first few days, until we got to Colorado and froze overnight!” — Lizann of The Seasoned Spouse Blog

“We moved all of my stuff across the country in a uHaul with my car on a trailer behind it. We managed to get TWO flat tires in one day – one on the truck and one on the trailer. So, we had to stop and wait for repairs two different times because they didn’t happen at the same time. uHaul does respond quickly to problems though!” — Pamela with The Coastie Couple Blog

“Here is what happens when you don’t plan ahead. Our first cross-country PCS we headed out with no real plan. We ended up in some awful hotels, almost got lost, and just barely beat a huge winter storm on the East Coast. Now we plan our trip carefully and know where we are going and how many hours we will drive in a day!” — Mandy with Cooking with the Bakers

What PCS Road Trip Fail stories do you have to share? Leave them for us in the comments… we might just share your story in a future piece!

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