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Your 2019 Hampton Roads Housing Market Report

By Carla Olivo, Director of Strategic Communications It is not just active duty families on the move each year. Veterans and military retirees also often move their families as they relocate for a second career or to their forever home. One of the keys to making a...

Your Naval Station Great Lakes Area Guide

By Lauren Lomsdale, USMC Spouse  The orders have come in, and the military gods have spoken. Your family is moving to Naval Air Station Great Lakes! Being so close to Chicago, there are a plethora of things for your family to enjoy while stationed here. But you’re a...

Your Naval Base San Diego Area Guide

PCS Orders to Naval Base San Diego? Congratulations and welcome to the Southern California Coast!  The area has a lot to do and see and has something for every type of family. The city has a lot of military due to the concentration of Naval and Marine Installations....


By Carla Olivo, USMC Spouse The list of things to do in Hampton Roads, Newport News, or the Norfolk area truly is endless. Here are 10 suggestions for creating some great family memories on Virginia's eastern shore. #1 TOUR A BATTLESHIP 1 Waterside Dr, Norfolk The...

7 Unique Things To Do in Hampton Roads

By Elizabeth Hedger, Air Force Spouse I’ve always fancied myself a bit of an adventurer. That being the case, I have to pause and ask myself why I haven’t taken advantage of all the things there are to do in the Hampton Roads area? There is virtually something to do...

Top 6 Date Night Ideas for Hampton Roads

By Carla Olivo, USMC Spouse Date Night can mean a lot of things depending on timing and mood. A Date Night after a deployment might call for a night of romance while a Date Night after a PCS might call for a casual night of relaxation and fun! Date Night Hampton Roads...

Newly PCSed to Hampton Roads? We’ve got you covered!

How was your recent PCS? Disaster or delightful? Nightmarish or Whew! We're just glad it's over? Whether you are still reeling from the hit your furniture took or pleasantly surprised that you finally had a smooth move, your fellow military families need to hear from...

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