Each year the military spouse community comes together to honor their own. Next month those nominated will gather in Washington D.C. to honor the Armed Forces Insurance 2017 Military Spouse of the Year (MSOY). This year PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate D’Antrese McNeil was nominated for Patuxent River and we couldn’t be prouder! Here she describes in her own words what it was like to be honored by her peers.

By D’Antrese McNeil, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate

When I first learned there was an Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award I was shocked. There are so many negative stereotypes directed at military spouses, even when doing good deeds, that I couldn’t really believe someone thought enough to recognize us on a larger scale than just command/unit awards from the FRG and whatnot. I was and still am in awe of the recipients of this award, two of whom are good friends of mine and their miraculous works and good deeds within our community.

Fast forward to last year, I learned and met my current bases winner Tausha Hamilton and learned a little more about the award. My inner thoughts were whoever gets nominated for Patuxent River next year has some BIG shoes to fill!


Little did I know that person would be me. I’m not going to lie I was completely honored and floored even to be nominated. I had stiff competition and was just glad to be in good company. Also, I understood that to many this award wasn’t much of anything. I was told it was just the pageant of mil spouses and not anything special, or it was the dependa (hate that term) version of self- gratification…whatever.

For me, winning for my base level this year allowed me to shine a light on spouses like me who don’t necessarily like the spotlight or seek the spotlight. It also gives me the opportunity to bridge the gap in our community when it comes to diversity, something that while most don’t want to admit, is an issue that must be resolved. This award gave my voice a larger platform.


I am truly grateful to those who nominated me and voted. It means that they believe in me and my platform. Being Pax Rivers’ Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year means that even on this small base and in this small town, you can still have a positive impact. It’s a great feeling to be honored for your work, and I was floored when I read my nomination. I really forgot how much I do in real life until I saw what others reminded me of lol… My hope is that by the time nominations roll around again, I have made good strides in my MSOY platform and inspired others to nominate themselves or someone they know. It’s an honor to be among a small group of people (MSOY family) that I fan girled over.

Author: D’Antrese McNeil is a PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate and a proud Mil Spouse whose husband is currently in his 8th year of naval service. She is a stay at home mom, as well as a photographer and vlogger/blogger. Her Facebook followers are often entertained with her tales from military life to life in general. D’Antrese is a proud Houston, Texas Native. She enjoys Hip Hop, R and B and country music and is a big Foodie! Check her out on YouTube: D’Antrese Le’Chelle and FaceBook: D’Antrese Le’Chelle.