Military families depend on their monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to help defray, if not cover, the costs of housing. Every year, BAH, pay, and health care for our military families who already sacrifice so much, seem to be up on the chopping block discussion in Congress. The U.S. Senate has thus far approved a fiscal 2017 budget (to become effective on October 1st) that calls for a mere 1.6 percent military pay raise, and includes reduced housing allowances for new military members entering service and all married military couples when both spouses serve in the uniform.

Cuts to BAH cause Out of Pocket Expenses to Escalate

And if that’s not bad enough… For military families living in military housing, your out of pocket expenses are about to go up even more. A legislative proposal approved in 2015 allows the DoD to reintroduce member cost sharing. This means the basic renter insurance coverage previously included in BAH, has now been eliminated. For many families this will become an added expense on an already tight budget.

Problem Solvers

The good news… The right renter’s insurance plan for you and your family doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg AND you can rest easy that your precious possessions are covered should catastrophe strike. This is exactly why we’ve partnered with our friends at Armed Forces Insurance who have understood the unique challenges of a PCS well before it was ever called a PCS. Even better, the team at AFI knows what it means when the military family takes care of each other.