By D’Antrese McNeil, Navy Spouse

Summer’s here and our military brats are looking for something to do. Your PCS is over and the weather is finally beach appropriate. The days for the next 2-3 months don’t involve early wake ups and lunch preparing. Life will be filled with leisure for this quarter of the year. Just being lazy, relaxing and doing nothing sounds great……to us…the parents. Our military kids, not so much.

If your kids are ANYTHING like mine, then week 2 of summer vacation meant they’d assessed in their minds that they had done everything they could in the first week of summer vacation and their parentals needed to entertain them. I wasn’t and still am not here for that. However, I understand that if we don’t entertain them, it will become a summer of whining so I have come up with a list of ways to help amuse and engage bored kids this summer.

Family Game/Movie Day

Break out the Monopoly, Uno, Phase 10, Operation or Sorry game. Pop in a movie that’s age appropriate and spend some time together. A good family night is always fun and entertaining.

Plant a Garden with your Military Brats

Yes, I know, earth day has passed. But it is still the season of blooming, and you can make this a simple (unless your kids are like mine and nothing is EVER simple) and fun project that is also cheap…and an hour or two in the sun doing what they won’t realize is labor is sure to bring on a nap. See what I did there?

Bake a Cake

Look, this is self-explanatory. CAKE. A few hours in the kitchen and a sweet treat! What’s not to like?

Our Military Brats Love a Beach/Pool Day

Grab your towels and blankets, pack a lunch and snacks, get those beach/pool toys and head out for a tan and some water fun.

Library Break

Your local library always has fun age appropriate activities. Plus, its air conditioned AND quiet. SCORE!

Day Trips

Check out PCSgrades’ Fun Day Trips blogs for easy day trips from places such as the Pentagon, Camp Pendleton, San Antonio to name a few.

And finally…

This is my fav … DO NOTHING. Its okay for our military kids to be bored at times. It allows them to get creative. It teaches them to learn how to entertain themselves. I promise you a bored child will ALWAYS find a way to become non-bored…. just make sure they aren’t too quiet, or you’ll have new wall art and weird food concoctions floating around your house.

D’Antrese McNeil is a proud Mil Spouse whose husband is currently in his 8th year of naval service. She is the 2017 NAS Patuxent River Military Spouse of the Year and a stay at home mom, as well as a photographer and vlogger/blogger. D’Antrese is a proud Houston, Texas Native.