By Rheanna Christine, National Guard Spouse

I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally reached that point in my mom life where I finally have more time to read. When you’re younger you spend a lot of time reading for school; you long for the time where you can simply read for fun. For those of you not juggling kids, or with older kids, this list is for you! If you are juggling the littles and you love to read, sometimes making sure you can spend even a little bit of time reading this summer can be key to self-care. Self-care is so important as a military spouse, and some ‘just for fun’ reading, some great mil spouse reads, might be just what the doctor ordered.

Great Mil Spouse Reads

  1. Confessions of a Military Spouse                                                                                                 

    If you’ve never read this book by Mollie Gross, you’re missing out! It is hilariously real and is sure to be a fun, and easy pick me up. This book contains timeless stories that transcend age, rank and branch. This book is every military spouse!

  2. Five Love Languages: Military Edition                                                                                

    This book is a little more on the serious side, but still an easy summertime read. If you’ve heard of the Love Languages books, you might not know that there is a military edition. Inside you will find stories from real military couples talking about their real lives. They are true and sometimes emotional stories that you will connect to.

  3. Fiction Books by Mil Spouse Authors  

    Military spouses are amazing people. They are lawyers, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, service members and books authors! Looking for a fiction book to read? Check out one written by a military spouse. Here are just a few – All the Way Home– Kim Mills, Canadian Military Spouse; Her Rebel Heart– Jamie Farrell, Air Force Wife (multiple series and books); Navy Rules– Geri Krotow, Navy Spouse (multiple books and series)

  4. American Wife

    This is the story of Taya Kyle, her life as a wife to Chris Kyle, and her life as a military spouse and mother. It is a wonderful and inspirational book, and a top recommended read for all military spouses.

  5. Stories Around the Table                                                                                                                

    There’s a story for every mil spouse in this book. Stories that will make you laugh and cry. Stories from male and female military spouses, about working, kids and everything in between. Inside you will find real stories from real military spouses across branch and rank. Like I said, truly a story for everyone.

There are so many wonderful books for military spouses, written by military spouses and books that encourage and inspire military spouses! If you have some great mil spouse reads that you think fits into one of these categories please share with us below.

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