By Wendi Iacobello, Army Spouse

Fort Bragg and the surrounding area gets a bad reputation most of the time. If you move here with an open mind, you will find many ways to enjoy this area. Even though I am a small town girl and a North Carolina native, I was not thrilled about leaving my life in Raleigh behind and moving to the Fayetteville region with my husband.  Once I got over my fear and began to learn my way around the area, I began to enjoy it here.

Why I Love Fort Bragg

Below are the top six things I love about being stationed at Fort Bragg.

Veteran and Military Spouse-owned Businesses

The Fayetteville region is home to many veteran and military spouse-owned businesses. Believe it or not, many people decide to stay here and plant roots even after their time in service.  This place grows on people and it is definitely a very supportive community for veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs. These business owners know and understand the military community best, which is why many of them thrive in this area.


No matter where you go in this area, you will see American flags proudly flown around every corner. The residents in this town are very supportive of the military and they are not afraid to show it.  Whether during times of tragedy such as a soldier returning home in a motorcade or during times of triumph such as the annual All American Marathon, this community pulls together and shows their support.

Southern Hospitality

There is no state like North Carolina.  Okay, I’m slightly partial because I am from here, but there is no friendlier state that you will find that beats NC.  People are friendly and hospitable from one end of the state to the other. Being kind, helpful, and welcoming are an innate qualities of most North Carolinians.


Due to Fort Bragg being one of the largest installations in the Army, the resources are numerous.  Most nonprofit organizations make Fort Bragg one of their stops. There are always events going on that cater to the military community at-large to offer support, recreation, education, and training. This is not something you will find everywhere. It is overwhelming at first, but following Facebook pages of many of these support groups and organizations keeps you up to speed with events that are happening.

Holistic Healing

Fayetteville is up and coming for holistic health.  Just in the last year, two new holistic health businesses have opened their doors downtown to help educate and heal the community in alternative ways such as; float therapy, Reiki, Chakra healing, neural beats therapy, and much more.  If you love alternative therapies and holistic healing, you will love what Fayetteville has to offer.


Due to the mild climate in the Fort Bragg region, the surrounding areas have numerous rural lands for farming.  This means that local farmers markets and produce stands are easy to find for the freshest ingredients straight from farmland.  There are also several strawberry fields and blueberry farms that allow you to pick your own during the season. Strawberry season begins mid to late April, and blueberry season begins in June.

I hope you find Fort Bragg as awesome and welcoming as I have.  Be sure to venture out and explore all the wonderful things that this area has to offer while you are here.

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FayettevillePCSgrades Author: Wendi Iacobello is an Army spouse, Instructional Designer, freelance writer, and blogger. She shares inspirational stories of strength & perseverance, education, and resources for military life on her blog Strength 4 Spouses. She is a southern girl who loves being outdoors with her husband and their Beagle, Daizi Hope.