We are a community made up of military families, working together to pass along vital information to other military families. Over the years, thousands of you have joined with us to provide the crucial information we all need when orders arrive. Serving as the go-between for mil-families and helping to make the PCS process as smooth as possible is our goal at PCSgrades.

But we can do so much more.

Great PCS Resource

Over the last couple of years, military and veteran families have been helping us to build a great database of information, similar to Angie’s List but exclusive to the military and veteran community. But not all data searches are created equal! What happens when you look up a duty station and do not find any neighborhood reviews or a realtor?

Well, PCSgrades is still here to help. We have the “Find Me a Realtor®” option on the member side of our website. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on PCSgrades.com, just let us know! We will work hard to personally locate the resources you need to make those crucial PCS decisions.

A Mil-Spouse Fan

We wanted to make sure that every military family is aware of all the complimentary services we offer, so we went straight to the source.

Meet Gretchen Otoshi. Military spouse, mother, and recent PCS survivor. We asked her to share her experience using the Find Me a Realtor® option offered by PCSgrades.

Before using PCSgrades what obstacles were preventing you

from finding a Realtor®? “Find Me a Realtor®” option


Just kidding, but there’s truth in humor. My reality is that my daily schedule is all about balancing being a wife, mom, friend, and full-time employee. I like to research options and be well informed before making decisions, especially life-changing financial decisions. And I simply did not have the time to dedicate to this research given my balancing act. I trust the PCSgrades team because they understand the unique challenges military families face with relocating. So finding a Realtor® with their assistance was a no-brainer.

How did PCSgrades make buying/selling your home easier? 

Partnering with PCSgrades to buy our home was the best decision I made for my family in this entire process. It was so easy to communicate with PCSgrades and they were incredibly helpful and responsive. They provided me with personalized recommendations for a Realtor® in the area I was looking to relocate even though they did not currently have connections in that state. Talk about going the extra mile! White glove service all the way and we’re so thrilled with the wonderful experience we had from their spot-on recommendations for a Realtor® to the beautiful house we purchased that we’ll make into a home for our family.

Would you recommend PCSgrades to other military or veteran families looking for Realtors®? 

Yes, no question. My spouse and I have already told many veteran friends about the services available through PCSgrades and I will continue to share our five-star experience with my friends across the military community.

There you have it, straight from the source. Are you too busy with your upcoming move prep and military life to research Realtors® like you’d like? Let us help you! Give our “Find Me a Realtor®” option a try.