Is Hunter Army Airfield your new duty station? Located in coastal Georgia in the city of Savannah, Hunter Army Airfield amenities are smaller than a typical Army post. The city of Savannah sits outside every gate making everything not offered on post accessible to families. Check out the slideshow below to see pictures of the Hunter Army Airfield Commissary, PX, CDC, and more…and, remember to visit our website, to read reviews for on-base housing from fellow mil-families.

HAAF Commissary

The Hunter Army Airfield Commissary is small compared to other installations. It is closed on Mondays but offers early bird shopping starting at 0800.

HAAF Commissary

The Commissary has a Sushi Counter, Deli & Bakery, and a Grab and Go section. It did not appear to be well stocked when we did our visit, but we might have caught them on a delivery day.


The Hunter Army Airfield PX is located next to the Commissary and follows suit of being a smaller facility.


The PX houses your typical stores located inside all Army PX’s but this is also where the Leisure and Travel Services office is located.


Hunter Army Airfield PX Hours


The PX may seem small but is has everything you need inside. Burger King is also open for breakfast!


The PX has a small section of clothing for women, men, and kids along with 3 aisles for shoes. There are some household items, electronics, and a small toy section.


The GNC is located inside the PX.

HAAF Clothing and Sales Hours

The Clothing and Sales is located inside the PX.

HAAF Clothing and Sales

Clothing and Sales is small when compared to Fort Stewart but it does have all the basics needed.


One of the 2 CDCs on Hunter Army Airfield.


The playground attached to the CDC looks like great fun for those military kids!

HAAF Theatre

The Theatre on Hunter Army Airfield is located inside this building which also houses Geo Vista Credit Union.

HAAF Auto Hobby Shop

Hunter Army Airfield does have an Auto Hobby Shop. You can find the hours on the base webpage.

HAAF Popeyes

Looking for Popeyes because it’s the only other restaurant besides Burger King? It is located inside the gas station around the corner from Tominac Fitness Center.


Tominac Fitness Center is the main gym on Hunter. It boasts fitness classes (mainly Zumba), personal trainers, and does NOT have childcare.

Hallstrom Lake Recreational Area

Hallstrom Lake Recreational Area is located closer to the Rio Gate and has pavilions, picnic tables, playgrounds, and a pond. You must have a permit to fish here!