When receiving orders to Fort Stewart, Georgia, many think of the proximity to Florida and all of possible family adventures. However, it is important not to forget that Georgia and the surrounding areas have plenty of historic adventures disguised as family fun to explore. Traditionally patriotic and famously friendly, Georgia and its surrounding states offer military families a wonderful array of activities and experiences to enjoy. 

Fort Stewart/ Hunter Army Airfield is located in the southeast corner of the state, near Hinesville. Other Army bases in Georgia include Fort Gordon, on the eastern side near Augusta, and Fort Benning, on the western side of the state in Columbus. Robins Air Force Base is located near the center of the state, 100 miles south of Atlanta. If you are moving to Fort Stewart, all these bases–and many more local activities–are just a short drive away!

These Historical Adventures are Near Fort Stewart

In Hinesville, Georgia, near Fort Stewart, is the Veteran’s Memorial Walk. Part of Bryant Commons, the 150-acre private estate and former house were owned by the late Senator Glenn E. Bryant and his wife. It has been converted to a beautiful park with majestic trees, a man-made lake, an amphitheater, meeting space and the Veteran’s Memorial Walk that stands as a tribute to those that have served our country through military service. Half of the land is devoted to wetland conservation and is home to various wildlife native to the area.  

On Robins Air Force Base, about 3 hours from Fort Stewart, your family can enjoy the Museum of Aviation. Opened in 1984, the museum has become the second largest museum in the United States Air Force and the fourth most visited museum in the Department of Defense. It is also considered the most popular attraction in middle Georgia. The facility includes four large exhibit buildings, 85 historic U.S. Air Force aircraft, cockpits, missiles and award-winning exhibits. 

Being within driving distance of Savannah is definitely a highlight of being stationed at Fort Stewart. It’s only one hour away from the base. With so many outdoor and historic activities to do in the area, this dog-friendly community offers reasons to return regularly to indulge in their food and culture, as well as military discounts throughout the city. The Historic Savannah Theater at Chippewa Square shouldn’t be missed and offers free admission to local military families. Check with them for their up to date schedule. Chippewa Square will look familiar to those that remember the bench in Forrest Gump which can still be found there and is a popular tourist draw. 

Nearby Tybee Island  is considered a local favorite. This beachside community is about 1.5 hours from Fort Stewart, and is home to Fort Pulanski National Monument. Prior to the Civil War, these types of forts were considered impenetrable. The Union army approached Fort Pulanski with a rifled cannon and proved that these structures could be destroyed. It was considered a huge advancement in military science and innovation.  

Jekyll Island, on the Atlantic Coast about an hour south from Fort Stewart, is the weekend getaway you need and will never forget. In the late 1800s, Jekyll Island was an exclusive hunting club for wealthy families like the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Pulitzers. The once private retreat is now the The Jekyll Island Club National Historic Landmark District, one of the largest preservation projects in the southeast and Georgia’s only rehabilitation center for endangered sea turtles. There is something on this ten-mile stretch of paradise for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

Hilton Head, SC is another nearby paradise for you to explore if you are stationed at Fort Stewart. Less than 2 hours away, this award-winning vacation destination offers a laid back, welcoming beach experience and boosts year round sunshine. The ecological and pet friendly retreat is an outdoor adventurer’s dream with zip lines, adventure tours, water sports and more. For you history buffs, consider the “Beyond the Battlefield” tour. Associated with the Coastal Discovery Museum, this one hour tour offers great insight into the role the area played in the Civil War told through first hand accounts and visualized with historic photographs. Learn how this area was a foundation for freedom for lowcountry slaves and why Hilton Head was strategically important during the war. 

As you can see, there will be no shortage of things to do while stationed at Fort Stewart. Whether it’s a weekend away or just a day trip to explore, this part of the country has so much to offer and so much to enjoy. 


Erica I. Pena-Vest is a subject matter expert on military leisure travel and has had a very popular discount site for military families for over 10 years. Erica is a tourism industry veteran, public relations pro, social media strategist and recently launched the podcast and blog The Endless Search. She completes her Masters of Art in Professional Communications this summer and starts the coveted UC Berkeley Graduate Certificate Program in Podcasting shortly after. She has been married to her active-duty Naval Aviator husband for 17 years and has two kids, two dogs and a mischievous caique parrot named Queso. You can reach her at www.TheEndlessSearch.com.