By Carla Olivo, Director of PCSgrades Strategic Communications

2017 is upon us! The time of year where we take stock of what’s happened in our lives over the last twelve months and look forward to the year ahead. If this past year encompassed a PCS, you might be thinking about all the new neighbors you’ve met, or you might be missing those great neighbors you had to say goodbye to last summer. Some of us have had babies while others have lost parents. For some, 2016 may have been the best year of your life while for others 2017 is a new beginning.

Here at PCSgrades, we are overwhelmed by the support from our fellow military community over the past year. We’ve asked all of you to help us build the best service possible, and you have responded with some great, truthful, and informative reviews of neighborhoods, REALTORS, moving companies, on-base/post housing and others. YOU have provided an excellent service to those military families looking for help when solving the most pressing issues faced during any PCS.

Great Partners

In addition to the great military community support, we also have some great partners who believe in our mission. Armed Forces Insurance is the “go to” company for all your insurance needs, including homeowner and renter insurance. So, who better to turn to when questions come up about what to insure or how much insurance is necessary? We were thrilled to utilize our partnership with A.F. I. to answer all of your insurance questions throughout the year.


Play Across America a unique, crowdsourced mobile app that helps families find and share playgrounds wherever they go. Military families across the country were able to find new places to play during and following a PCS.

Dogs on Deployment is changing lives through their online network of foster families dedicated to helping service members who are temporarily unable to care for their pets due to their service commitments. This wonderful non-profit provides educational resources and grants financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency.

As a military entrepreneurial endeavor ourselves, PCSgrades feels a kindred spirit with the MilSpo Project. This global network of U.S. military spouses believes entrepreneurship is a unique answer to the military spouse unemployment crisis in our country. So many of our PCSgrades members have experienced the highs and lows of trying to maintain a career over multiple PCSes. Both PCSgrades and MilSpo embrace the unpredictability of military life and seek to become problem solvers for the community.

Moving is close to the top of the list of life stressors. And we all know the toll stress can take on our health. This is particularly true for military spouses who often bear the brunt of the stress that comes with deployment or PCSing. That’s why we love our friends at InDependent whose mission is to connect military families to local health and wellness resources. They offer great virtual and in-person programs in support of these wellness journeys.

Knowledgeable Experts

Another group of individuals we are very grateful for are our experts. These are the people that allowed us to share vital information with you concerning everything from understanding your VA loan to decorating your rental. David Piatek, the Federal Savings Bank; Leigh Searl, America’s Career Force; Jamie Boyle, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN); Jennifer Farlin, Bella Home Staging; Verenice Castillo, Military Spouse Advocacy Network; Karl Muno, Home Team of America; Judy Gracia Goldick, Regal Realty; and Kate Christofides, Century 21 are just a few of the experts that have helped us to inform you along the way.

As we usher in 2017, all of us at PCSgrades thank you for your support in our mission to help military and veteran families. And we look forward to continuing to help each other provide solutions to our biggest PCS problems. Happy New Year from your fellow military members, veterans, and spouses at PCSgrades.