Every entrepreneur has their own WHY, the reason they founded a company and started offering their particular services to the world. For Todd Ernst, USAF Ret., founder and CEO of PCSgrades, his Why Story began with the death of a fellow airman and Ernst’s participation in the “Missing Man” flight formation at his memorial. What happened afterwards forged his belief that it is the military community that takes care of its own. This fueled his desire to help military families through PCS moves, offering the services of PCSgrades.
While he doesn’t typically prefer to appear in the spotlight, Todd Ernst is making a special appearance on stage at the upcoming Honor2Lead virtual event. Honor2Lead, a new partner to the Military Influencer’s Conference, is “tailor-made for our military community of veterans, entrepreneurs, active duty, military-spouses, national guard and military supporters.” This is the place where military entrepreneurs, influencers, and supporters gather together to share their skills and grow their businesses. Ernst will be sharing the stage with the likes of Shark Tank’s Daymond John, WWE Star Lacey Evans, Actor Alexander Ludwig, and many more at Honor2Lead on November 10th.
Looking at the lineup is a humbling moment, one that forces the entire team to take a step back and celebrate how far we’ve come, but it also fuels the fire for how much work there is yet to do.  For the PCSgrades team, which is composed entirely of veterans, spouses, and military family members, this is important work that we are excited about. With Todd Ernst at the helm, we continue to produce PCS content made “by and for military families.” Each step we take strengthens our entire community and helps each PCS get just a little bit smoother.
We recently featured Ernst in our weekly webinar called “Your PCS Problem-Solver!” There, he shared his perspective on the value of PCSgrades resources and how his passion for helping military families was cemented when he led the fight to change survivor benefit laws. That experience taught him that instead of relying on government resources for help, military families must lean on each other to provide solutions and answer questions.
At Honor2Lead, Ernst will dive even deeper into his story during a fireside chat, exposing the heart and and soul that shows up every day for the PCSgrades family and community. He will take the stage around 4:45 PM EST on November 10. You can be part of this live, virtual event! Visit the Honor2Lead page to see the speaker lineup and engaging topics covered. If you choose to attend, take advantage of the early bird pricing available through PCSgrades. Watch Honor2Lead live on November 10th, or watch and re-watch all talks at your leisure for the following 30 days. The PCSgrades team is proud to announce this opportunity and hopes to “see” you there!