There’s power in giving back! When you make the choice to help others or support a favorite charity, you never know the ripple effects that your efforts will have on others. One small positive choice really can make a difference. 

At PCSgrades, we value the importance of sharing time and talents. We know that it is the military ‘family’ that supports its own members. While one person’s voice and contributions may appear to be small, we know that when we combine all the voices of our community, we have so much to share with each other.

That’s why PCSgrades decided to mark this year’s Giving Tuesday holiday with a special campaign called #MilFamsGiveBack. Every year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is called Giving Tuesday, and is traditionally a day to support your favorite charities and nonprofit organizations. This campaign lets military families support the community in two ways:

  • When you leave a housing review on PCSgrades, you help fellow military families make informed decisions about their future neighborhood and choose whether to live on base or off base.
  • Until Dec. 8, PCSgrades will donate $5 to a military-friendly charity of your choice for every housing review left on the site.

You can choose any veteran or milspouse-owned organization to support. At the end of the campaign, PCSgrades will total up the reviews and send donations to the selected charities. Your review will support a variety of charitable organizations that support veterans and military families. You never know who your donations will impact and in what precise ways your efforts will help others.

#MilFamsGiveBack: One Success Story

Here is just one example of the cycle of giving and how your efforts today can help someone tomorrow. One of our PCSgrades staff members has a family friend named Mark Noble, who is a Navy veteran. Two years ago, Noble suffered from a stroke that left him paralyzed on one side of his body. Although he has made some progress through physical therapy, he is ready for a recumbent tricycle to give him additional freedom and independence of movement. The family started a Go Fund Me campaign to help him get the $3,500 needed to purchase a recumbent bike, and successfully raised half the costs. But they were still missing over $1,000 to make Noble’s recumbent bike dream become a reality. 

Meanwhile, a PCSgrades staff member was discussing Noble’s case with one of the military spouse-owned charities participating in the #MilFamsGiveBack campaign. The Unquiet Professional supports Gold Star families and military spouse-owned businesses. When their founder heard about Noble’s need for a new bike, she decided to donate the remaining amount needed to help him reach his goal! Because of this donation from The Unquiet Professional, and all those who donated to the original GoFundMe page, this Navy veteran will finally be able to move on his own for the first time in two years. He is overjoyed to have a sense of freedom and independence again! 


Through the #MilFamsGiveBack campaign, you can support small nonprofits like The Unquiet Professional, who are making waves in the military community. Or you can choose to give to large national organizations like the USO and Blue Star Families, which have chapters across the country. Each of these organizations have their own programs and initiatives that make a difference in veteran and military spouse lives. Leaving a review is a simple action that takes just a few minutes, but the cycle of giving means your kindness will impact many strangers along the way.

Leaving a housing review on PCSgrades allows us to make donations to numerous charities that support our military community in various ways. There is still time to get involved and make a contribution! Sign into the #MilFamsGiveBack campaign before December 8 to leave a review of any on-base housing or off-base neighborhood. You will be glad you supported your fellow military families with their PCS questions… and with the #MilFamsGive Back campaign, numerous charities and veterans will be grateful of your support too!