By Carla Olivo, Military Spouse

A Coast Guard House

Like many military families, the most pressing question as they prepare for a military move is, “Where are we going to live?” The answer in the C.G. community depends on where the duty station is located. Additionally, another factor is how close the installation is to Coast Guard-owned housing or Department of Defense housing.

The Coast Guard has an inventory of housing at various locations. C.G. members and their families are assigned this housing when it’s available. All Coast members who receive PCS orders are required to complete an Application for Assignment to Housing, D.D. Form 1746. The Coast Guard maintains that this requirement maximizes the occupancy of government-controlled quarters. A CG family not interested in a Coast Guard house can apply to be released from the requirement for reasons such as medical issues. The Area Housing Authority considers these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Assignment to Coast Guard-owned family housing and unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH) is mandatory when it is available and adequate. So, every family with orders has to fill out an application for assignment to housing.

Living standards and a reasonable commuting distance to their permanent duty station are top considerations for Coast Guard families. There are also other upsides to mandatory housing. A heating bill in Kodiak, Alaska can be a considerable expense, so not having to foot that bill can be a big plus.   

If you are living in Coast Guard-owned family housing, consider leaving a review for your fellow CG families moving into the area. You can also send in housing photos to be posted on

Living out in town

Those assigned to an area which does not have GC-owned housing or DoD housing available can research local neighborhoods at For general area information, there are a variety of Area Guides packed with details specific to a region. Click on an area of interest to your family below.

Washington D.C.

Hampton Roads, VA



The highest concentration of CG-owned housing can be found in Kodiak, Alaska; the Bay Area of California, to include Alameda, Concord and Novato; and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For additional information on Coast Guard Mandatory Assignment to Government Controlled Housing, please see these frequently asked questions. The Coast Guard Housing Program  also provides more details on CG-owned housing. A map of Coast Guard Housing sites can be found here.