By Julie Provost, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate

Moving to a new duty station is quite overwhelming. You have to figure out where everything is, get used to a new house and state, and figure out how you are going to make your new duty station home. One way to have an easier time with the transition is to make new friends at your new location. There are quite a few benefits when you do.

  1. Someone to show you around

When you meet someone who has lived at your duty station or the city you are in for a while, they can help show you around. They know where the best places to eat are, where you can take your kids to play, and what the weather in July is really like. They can be your tour guide and help you learn more about the place you are going to call home for the next few years.

  1. Someone to introduce you to others/new tribe

Most of the new friends you make at your new duty station will know other people and can introduce you to them. This is the best way to find a circle of friends, a new tribe. You will soon be invited to dinners out, lunches, and other events that can help you meet more people. Even if your first new friend at your duty station is going to move away sometime soon, they can help you make more friends to connect with even after they are gone.

  1. Help with the loneliness

Not knowing anyone in your new home can cause loneliness. Finding new friends can help with this. You will have people to see on a regular basis, your kids will have friends to hang out with, and you can stay busy. This is even more important if your spouse is going to deploy soon after you get there.

  1. Help with missing your other friends

When you move to a new duty station, you will have said goodbye to your old friends and will be missing them. You will never replace the important people in your life by making new friends but having a new circle can help with the loss of your old one. Life always moves forward and with that means new friendships and new experiences. You will always have the memories of your previous location, and Facebook is an excellent way to stay connected to those who you no longer get to see on a regular basis.

  1. Help with feeling a part of your new community

One of the best feelings is to feel like you are truly a part of your new community. That you will see people you know when you shop at the Commissary or the PX, that you know where to take your kids to have fun, and that you feel like your new duty station is a part of you. Finding new friends when you move is a big part of this.

Sometimes all you need to feel good at your new duty station is a good friend to connect with, share life with, and make memories with, Sometimes it can take time to find these friends but if you keep putting yourself out there, find places to go to meet new people, and stick it out, you should be able to find your new tribe at your new duty station.

Author: Julie Provost is a PCSgrades’ Blogger Affiliate and a freelance blogger with over 20,000 page views a month on her blog Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life. She enjoys life in Tennessee with her husband, a National Guard soldier and their three boys. Julie enjoys blogging, reading, photography and a good cup of coffee. You can follow her on Twitter @SoldiersWifeCL.