By D’Antrese McNeil, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate

No matter if you love or hate your current duty station, it will always be an important era etched into your life. So, why not make your last memories of it the best you’ve ever had? I’ll be honest, NAS Patuxent River had very little to offer this big city girl, and it has been probably one of my least favorite duty stations to date.

However, I will miss this place. I’ve cultivated relationships and made ‘Framily’ (friends and family).

So how do you go out with a bang?

  • DO Something NEW

You know that list of places and events (the Bucket List) that you’ve been telling yourself you need to get out and do and see. DO IT NOW. I am guilty of this. I’ve said for the past three years that I was taking my family to our local water park and have yet to follow through with that. I will this summer since we leave the area in August. We’ve already gotten our passes!

  • Have a Going Away Party

Nothing is more fun (at least for us) than a good kickback. Get your people together at your home and grill some food, pull out some drinks and games and just hang out. My mom always says your last memories with people should always be happy. This is a great way to make that happen. Plus… Food. I mean, anything that involves good food I am down. A girl’s gotta eat.

  • Host a Fun Event

Now, this isn’t for everyone. But a great way to leave your mark and go out with a bang is to host a luncheon or poetry jam, or whatever suits your fancy. You can even think further and set up something that continues even in your absence. I’m all about leaving a legacy.

  • Volunteer

That’s right, get out there and find a way to be useful. Even here in my small town, there are a plethora of things for us to dive into to help. Plus, you will be surprised as you go through life how many places look to see your volunteer history. So, rack up those hours!

  • Show Appreciation

Those MA/MP’s that secure the gates and base? Thank them. They work 24/7 to ensure our bases/posts and housing are safe. And I’ve found they love cookies.  If you live in housing, remember that your housing office staff are just that, the staff. And they are simply following the rules that are placed on them. So, thank them as well. Your Command/Unit FRG, base volunteer opportunities…anywhere you can leave a piece of gratitude, do it. A smile and thank you go a long way.

And there you have it! Just a few ideas for you to go out with a bang , before the packers arrive and the moving truck pulls in. Please add more ways to say goodbye to your Duty Station in the comments below!

Author: D’Antrese McNeil is a PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate and a proud Mil Spouse whose husband is currently in his 8th year of naval service. She is the 2017 NAS Patuxent River Military Spouse of the Year and a stay at home mom, as well as a photographer and vlogger/blogger. Her Facebook followers are often entertained with her tales from military life to life in general. D’Antrese is a proud Houston, Texas Native. She enjoys Hip Hop, R and B and country music and is a big Foodie! Check her out on YouTube: D’Antrese Le’Chelle and FaceBook: D’Antrese Le’Chelle.