By Jenah Wieczorek, Army Spouse

Every summer the PCS horror stories start to emerge, and they are downright terrifying. No family should be treated this way when moving….it’s stressful enough! Everyone always seems terrified at the prospect of moving their goods, but we tend to forget there are positives here also with a Personally Procured Move (PPM) formerly known as a DITY move.

Top 5 Reasons for a DITY Move

#1 Full Control 

Type A personalities unite! You are in complete control of every aspect of this DITY move from the packing and loading dates, to the moving truck booking, and so on. This task might seem intimidating, but full control means that you leave and arrive when YOU want to, and you establish the timeline that works for your family. A lot of planning goes into this step, but you won’t be waiting for your HHG or racing to meet it. A door to door DITY move is priceless!

#2 Purging

Organizing and purging take on a new face when you move yourself. It’s one thing to de-clutter before the packers arrive, but YOU are the packer which means lots of organizing. Not only is it therapeutic to get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore, but you can then have a yard sale and make money off of these items.

#3 Nothing Lost or Stolen with a DITY Move

We all see the horror stories on the Lost During My PCS Facebook page. Stories of families missing boxes or ending up with boxes that do not belong to them. Sometimes those things are returned to the correct family, but a lot of the time it isn’t. How does this happen? Most times your HHG goes directly to a storage facility to be unloaded and stored until a driver is assigned. Boxes are then reloaded onto the truck for transport, and in the process, things can be misplaced and mixed up. Stolen items happen all the time too, unfortunately. It’s sad to think that your packers take your items, but it happens. These scenarios are removed when you do a PPM because you are in full control of who handles your stuff…you!

#4 Respect

Feeding and tipping the moving crew and packers means they will treat your HHG with respect. Wrong! There are better crews than others, but this does not mean that they automatically treat you and your belongings with respect. Case in point, when you unpack a box that is labeled lamps, and there is trash also packed or the lamps weren’t adequately wrapped and are now damaged. You will respect your HHG better than any stranger so it will be packed appropriately and handled with care.

#5 Make Money with a DITY Move

The main reason to PPM is to have full control over your HHG and do a door to door move with nothing broken or stolen, BUT the money you make on top does not hurt. The government will pay you based on the weight of your HHG, and you will be reimbursed for the moving trucks and supplies plus one vehicle. To maximize the money, check out these tips and ideas.

Moving yourself is not for everyone. It’s hard work that takes strategic planning and a lot of elbow grease. When done correctly, your belongings travel safely with you to your new duty station, and you have a door to door DITY move that helps you generate income. Thinking of doing a PPM/DITY? Use our checklist at

Jenah Wieczorek is an Army spouse, mother of 2 boys, dental hygienist, and volunteer. Jenah is a two-time recipient of the First Cavalry Division Commander’s Award for Volunteer Excellence, the Department of the Army Award for Patriotic Civilian Service, and is a member of the U.S. Cavalry and Armor Association’s Order of St. Joan D’Arc.