Fort Sill is considered a National Landmark and is located in the southern part of Oklahoma. It was built during the Indian Wars. This Army base is a premier location for Army Basic Combat Training and is known as home of the United States Army’s Field Artillery regiment as both soldiers and Marines receive training here in artillery. 

There are some beautiful as well as historical points of interest on Fort Sill that are a must see. Each one of these places points to a time in history. Their beauty brings a wealth of knowledge from stories that took place here long ago. 

1. Rucker Park

This wide open park is an old abandoned training ground for the Army’s Equestrian Team in the 1930’s. You can see where horses might gallop around, jump over hurdles, and run across bridges here. It looks like you have taken a step back into another decade. It is eerily quiet here with trees, wide open spaces, and old stone structures that were once used to train the horses. Rucker Park is an excellent destination for a picnic, yard games, and gatherings with family and friends. The distinct character of this park is amazing to see in person.

2. Field Artillery Park

This park is located beside the Artillery Museum on post, accessible through the Key Gate. It is an outdoor artillery display that will amaze both children and adults alike. There are over twenty artillery pieces displayed here, in addition to the other pieces of Army equipment on the grounds to view. The artillery pieces are from a range of decades and are painted in an array of colors. Each piece has literature showing you where and how it was used across various time periods.

3. Lake LETRA

Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area is open to the public. This lake and the surrounding area is a serene escape from military life, located right on the base. It is situated at the base of Mount Scott and provides camping, lodging, kayaking and many other fun activities that are seasonal throughout the year. You can even receive camping spots or lodging for your family to enjoy. MWR offers kayak tours here that are seasonal and allows groups to reserve part of the grounds for unit picnics.

4. Medicine Bluff

This beautiful area on post is a Fort Sill National Historic Landmark. It was a sacred ground for the Plains Indians. It is said that this sacred ground was used for healing and ceremonies. There is a historical legend that takes place in this area too. In the late 1800’s, Geronimo was an Apache leader and medicine man who was known to resist anyone trying to capture him. The legend states that Geronimo was on horseback being chased by soldiers and jumped over the bluff yelling his name, Geronimooooo! He is buried at Fort Sill. 

Whether you are new to Fort Sill or will be relocating here in the near future, these four places on the installation are a must-see for your entire family. Each one has a historical story behind it which adds to the mystique and character of these outdoor points of interest. 


Wendi Iacobello is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a Master of Arts in Educational Media. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. Her professional career in education spans across ten years in the public education sector. Wendi has been an Army Spouse since 2015 and became a first time mom in the fall of 2019. In addition to chasing around her energetic toddler daily and advocating for clean and safe playgrounds and parks in her area, she is a blogger, freelance writer, brand ambassador, and instructional design assistant. Wendi became a published author in 2020 and she loves encouraging others to develop their inner strength in military life and motherhood through her blog Strength 4 Spouses