By Rebecca Alwine, Army Spouse

One of the things I like the most about the military community is the way people just “get it.” It’s so comforting to be discussing the stressors of an upcoming move with another milspouse. There’s no reason to explain the nuances of it, or to preface anything. You can just talk or complain or vent, and they understand.

The ability milspouses have to just be there for one another is amazing. Knowing a fellow milspouse will drop everything they are doing, even if it is important, and rush to your side is reassuring and heartwarming. Celebrating those relationships over the years becomes so much fun.

But, as we all know, spending the time supporting our spouses in their careers, our own careers, our family’s passions, and each other wears us down. Usually, about the time March hits, I’m ready to be done. Done with homework and school projects for my kids. Done with unit events and my spouse’s long hours. Done with housework and move prep. Just done!

The 2018 Military Spouse Wellness Summit

Thankfully, InDependent and Corie Weathers, know how I feel! They, too, are milspouses and have gone through the same situations that I have. Which is why I tune into the 2018 Military Spouse Wellness Summit each year. And why I want you to as well!

Here it is in a nutshell:

Ten experts, covering some great topics, hosted by Corie Weathers. And, if you’ve never listened to Corie before, her voice is so calming and encouraging, you’ll be hooked instantly. Experts include Tiffany Smiley, spouse of a wounded warrior; Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project, and Liz Wolfe, a nutritional therapy practitioner.

I’m also really excited about hearing from Kate Horrell, who you’ve probably seen writing about military finances. She offers solid and sage advice regarding preparing for the future and navigating the military finance obstacles. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan. Also, 2017 MSOY Brittany Boccher will be there! I love her and her advocacy for military families. She’s passionate about EFMP families and making things easier for them.

Are you with me?

If I haven’t convinced you to attend yet, think about this. What do you have to lose? This is FREE! I mean, you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Like all things in military life, these events get even better when you can bring others to the table. With this virtual event, you can invite all your milspouse friends. Also this year, you can invite all your first responder friends! The spouses and significant others of our first responders go through very similar experiences and bring so many great perspectives to the table. Invite them to join you!

One fun thing would be to listen to any of the sessions together. Host your local friends (and maybe some new ones!) for coffee and a treat and put one the day’s sessions. Encourage them to share their thoughts and concerns afterward and continue to build relationships.

Trust me, this is one event you will not want to miss, and because of the way it is structured, you won’t have to. Register today!

PCSgrades AuthorRebecca Alwine an Army wife and mother of three, enjoys coffee, running, lifting weights, and most of the menial tasks of motherhood. She’s a contributing writer for ARMY Magazine, a regular contributor for several publications including to Homefront United Network, PCSgrades, ESME, and has also been published in Ms. Magazine and The Atlantic.