Help! My Bikini Body is Still Hibernating!

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, Veteran Spouse The sun’s out. You’re catching fireflies. Your schedule is full of pool days and barbecues. But your bikini body is still hibernating! Instead of feeling like you need to keep things under wraps and can’t enjoy summer activities while feeling your best, follow my quick tips to get your bikini Read more about Help! My Bikini Body is Still Hibernating![…]

8 Tips For Surviving a Summertime Deployment

By Julie Provost, National Guard Spouse Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy all the season has to offer. Unfortunately, you may be doing so as the solo parent in your home. Your spouse is deployed, and it is just you and the kids. As a military spouse myself, I have been in this Read more about 8 Tips For Surviving a Summertime Deployment[…]

PCS Ruin Your Diet?

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, Veteran Spouse When the PCS orders finally come in, and you get the official word about where you’ll be moving to, things move quickly!  PCS season typically involves the chaos of packing up, erratic schedules, broken routines, fast food stops and long stretches of driving (or flying). Getting settled can take a Read more about PCS Ruin Your Diet?[…]

5 Summer Reads for Military Spouses

By Rheanna Christine, National Guard Spouse I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally reached that point in my mom life where I finally have more time to read. When you’re younger you spend a lot of time reading for school; you long for the time where you can simply read for fun. For those Read more about 5 Summer Reads for Military Spouses[…]

Mil-Spouses Starting Over: Take Time to Create the Best You

By Rebecca Alwine, Army Spouse You may have guessed it, but I have moving on the brain. It’s probably because I’m thinking ahead. Two weeks from today, we’ll be leaving our duty station on to our next adventure. Am I excited? Sure. Am I nervous about what’s in store? A little. Am I ready? Yes! Read more about Mil-Spouses Starting Over: Take Time to Create the Best You[…]

Your Colorado Springs Bucket List

By Paige Keyser, Air Force Spouse If you live or have visited Colorado Springs you know that there are many awesome things to see and do.  You’ve probably been to Garden of the Gods, driven or taken the Cog Railway up to the top of Pikes Peak, taken a tour of the United States Olympic Read more about Your Colorado Springs Bucket List[…]

Going Out with a Bang at Your Current Duty Station

By D’Antrese McNeil, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate No matter if you love or hate your current duty station, it will always be an important era etched into your life. So, why not make your last memories of it the best you’ve ever had? I’ll be honest, NAS Patuxent River had very little to offer this big Read more about Going Out with a Bang at Your Current Duty Station[…]

Making Healthy Choices on Spring Break

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, PCSgrades Guest Blogger Spring break is just around the corner!  Who loves to travel?  All hands go up.  Who loves that sluggish, blah feeling that comes about after you return home when you think about all the rich food and lack of activity that occurred while you were gone?  No hands. Well, Read more about Making Healthy Choices on Spring Break[…]

Tips For a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney  Lub-dub,  lub dub, lub dub. No, I’m not referring to the sounds of fireworks or loud bass. This is the sound of your heart beating, which it has done for your entire life without skipping a beat!  Your ticker is one of your most vital organs and without it, life is not Read more about Tips For a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle[…]

Tips for Sticking to Those New Year’s Resolutions

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney Oh, the new year of 2017! How exciting! Fresh slate! Time for changes! But also a bit daunting considering the pressure of resolutions perhaps?! Instead of setting goals, trying your best to achieve them, but then feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, then eventually throwing in the towel, let’s make 2017 the year where Read more about Tips for Sticking to Those New Year’s Resolutions[…]