3 Words That Change Everything in a Military House

  By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Stategic Communications Director “We’ve got orders.” Three very powerful words that can be good news or dreaded news for a military family. My husband usually didn’t even have to say it. I just knew by the look on his face. It was time to move….again. I have to admit. Most of[…]

Is a DITY Move Right for Your Family?

By Jenah Wieczorek, PCSgrades Social Media Director It Pays To PCS Door to Door: PPM/Full DITY Every military family has thought about doing a Personal Procured Move (PPM) or DITY move at some point along the way. Was it the time the screws to the crib were lost, or you had to sleep on the air[…]

Words of Advice from a Military Spouse – “Start a PCS Budget”

By D’Antrese McNeil Ok, let’s face it, PCSing can be the most stress-filled, anxious and exciting times of our military lives! But with it comes the aspect of money, and you can’t move or travel without it. To add to the stress, PCSing is different for everyone. I’ve learned that it’s not one size fits[…]

Welcome to the PCS Limbo

By: Rebecca Alwine I keep repeating to myself, “It’s the year of the PCS.” It brings all sorts of emotions. But the one at the front is comprised of frustration and anxiety. Because in true military fashion, we don’t know where or when we’re moving. I know y’all understand that. During any given year about[…]

Traveling with Kids – Your Entry into the New “Mile High Club”

By Amy Rowland The couple attempts to discreetly work their way to the back of the plane without drawing too much attention to themselves. After anxiously waiting in the galley for a minute, they slip into the cramped restroom virtually unnoticed. The woman sighs with relief that they have not yet attracted the attention of[…]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Smooth PCS

By Julie Provost If you are looking ahead to a PCS in the next few months, you might be getting a bit nervous. There is always so much to do to prepare for a move, even when it’s the military moving you. The good news is there are things you can do ahead of time,[…]

PCS Horror Stories? 7 Reasons You Need Moving Company Reviews!

By: Carla Olivo We all have our share of PCS horror stories! Name the most disgusting item erroneously packed by your movers… for me it was used coffee grounds and of course, trash. For others, I’ve heard everything from wet towels to dirty diapers. I’ve caught movers raiding my fridge, lounging on my mattress in[…]

Letter to my Packers

        Article by: Carla Olivo       We asked our wonderful military spouse community what they would say if they had an opportunity to write a letter to their movers and packers. Dear Packers/Movers, Despite the fact that as a military family we move every couple of years, it is NOT[…]

Why Moving Company Reviews Make Good Business Sense

Tired of reading misguided rants on social media? Perhaps the complaint is justified, but they’re pointing the finger at the wrong company? Nowadays, almost any topic has a thread on Facebook or Twitter where people are griping about one injustice or another. And while most typical review websites offer some valuable tips and information, they[…]

A New Way to Connect with Fellow Military Families on Must-Solve PCS Issues!

  Chances are when you have a question about moving, duty stations, deployment, TriCare etc., you turn to the best source you know….your fellow military families. Who better to assess an off-base neighborhood, base housing, or a REALTOR® than our fellow military families who pick up every couple of years and move; lock, stock, and[…]