5 Tips for PCSing with Kids

By Rheanna Christine After months and months, you’ve finally gotten an almost definite date for your PCS. It might actually happen soon, and now you mentally begin to prepare for packing your three kids into a car and heading from one side of the country to another. PCSing with Kids A PCS can be a[…]

7 Ways to End Your Summer on a Positive Note After a PCS!

This article was provided by our friends at Spouselink, a free website for Military Spouses that was created to support, inform and inspire users with a variety of content–anything from pop culture to important Military information. The thing about summer is, as soon as the calendar reaches August it feels like the season’s already over… not just[…]

How Playgrounds Can Make Your New Community Feel Like Home

Article by: Amy Rowland, Founder of Play Across America Lucky you! You’ve just been told you’re moving to sunny North Carolina. The only catch is that you currently live in Washington State and you just gave birth… to your 4th child… two weeks ago… and, it was a C-section. But, duty calls and you have[…]

The Importance of Finding Community After You PCS

Article by: Evie King from Independent I remember the first time I moved away from home. I was twenty-one and had just started my “grown up” job. Everything I owned fit inside of my blue Honda Civic: a twin-sized air mattress, clothes, my laptop, and a folding chair. I unpacked my meager belongings on the[…]

Moving to the D.C. Area? What Military Families Need to Know

Article by: Carla Olivo Maybe you’ve been able to avoid the assignment for several years, or have been dying to move to the area, but now the orders are official! You are headed to the Pentagon or another duty station in the National Capital Region where you can get all your Fitbit steps for the[…]

Moving to Southeast Arizona? What Military Families Need to Know

Article by: Rebecca Alwine Special thank you to Amy Wilson for the wonderful photos! You have orders to Southeast Arizona! Living out west may be going home for you or, like many military families, it might be a brand new adventure. Living in a desert climate can be quite a different experience if you have[…]

Military Kiddos: What They Say About PCS Moves

Article by: Rebecca Alwine Summer often means vacations and time off from school for kids… but military kids often have other things happening during the summer; saying goodbye to friends or moving across the country (or world) during a PCS move. Social media is full of memes and images talking about how military brats will[…]

When Your House Makes You Unhappy, it’s Okay to Move

Article by: Tara O’Meara Receiving military PCS orders isn’t the only time military families move. Sometimes we move because the house we thought would be perfect wasn’t everything we had hoped for. Sometimes we move because our families expand and we feel a need to have more space. Sometimes we move because our neighborhood feels[…]

Re-inventing Yourself After a PCS Move!

Article by: Rebecca Alwine ‘Tis the season for resolutions, new ideas, and change. While New Year’s Resolutions waiver between being extremely popular and extremely unpopular, making changes during a monumental occasion is scary. Change is hard and challenging, and sometimes exciting. That sounds a whole lot like a PCS move, doesn’t it? Many military families[…]

5 Ways a PCS Move is Scarier than Halloween

By: Rebecca Alwine Halloween is quickly approaching, and coupled with a full moon, this year is perfect for all things scary and creepy. Ghosts, goblins, last-minute costume catastrophes, buying too much candy or not enough candy (because you ate a bag already) are some of the things we experience each year around this time. Ironically,[…]