How More and More REALTORS® are Choosing to Support the Military and Veteran Community

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications Each year approximately 650,000 service members are issued orders to relocate to a new duty station. According to the Blue Star Families 2015 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, military families move, on average, seven times more often than civilian families. Of those families, the 2008 DMDC Survey of[…]

The Skinny on Title Insurance

By Rebecca Alwine, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate You’ve found your perfect house, and you’ve figured out all of the details, including the closing costs. But now something new has surfaced in your conversations with Realtors or lenders, title insurance. Now you’re thinking, of course, one more thing that needs to be paid. You may even be[…]

Rent VS Buy Military Families Need to Weigh Their Options

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications There are any number of reasons why in a given situation renting might be better than buying or vice versa. For military families, it might make more sense to buy at one duty station and then rent at the next. Up for consideration with each PCS is whether[…]

THE One Stop Shop for your next PCS

By Rebecca Alwine So often in this military life, we rely on those who have gone before us to get us through the next hurdle. Gone are the days that you arrive at a new duty station and then start learning about it. Luckily, PCSgrades has taken this mantra and created a one stop shop[…]

8 Reasons to Use Your VA Home Loan Benefit

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Stategic Communications Director One of the most widely used perks of the military life is the VA Home Loan.  In 2016, the Veterans Administration guaranteed over 700,000 home loans. While the VA loan is not always the better deal, there are some very compelling reasons to use this great benefit! No Down[…]

Must Ask Questions For Your Prospective Mortgage Lender

    By Amy Stuhr Paterson Getting a home loan can be a complicated proposition with its own unique vocabulary and crazy acronyms! “Points”…”closing costs”…”ARM (Adjustable rate mortgage)”…”APR (Annual percentage rate)”…It’s almost as bad as the military! And while potential home buyers often concentrate on finding a REALTOR® and starting their search, locating the right[…]

Home Ownership and Taxes – A Q & A For Military Families

by: Rebecca Alwine Its tax season and with the headache of gathering paperwork, comes a sense of satisfaction each time you can find a new deduction. Plus, it’s a good distraction for those of us doing the PCS limbo or those of us who just moved somewhere new and are trying to meet people. So,[…]

The Amazing Benefits of Using the VA Home Loan

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications Last year alone over 700,000 home loans were guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. Since this veteran benefit was created more than 70 years ago, some 22 million veterans have taken advantage of all the VA Home Loan has to offer. Zero $$$$ Down! There are many benefits[…]

The Gift of Good Partners

By Carla Olivo, Director of PCSgrades Strategic Communications 2017 is upon us! The time of year where we take stock of what’s happened in our lives over the last twelve months and look forward to the year ahead. If this past year encompassed a PCS, you might be thinking about all the new neighbors you’ve[…]

6 Biggest Mistakes Military Family Homebuyers Make When Moving

Article by: Teena Tatom Buying a home is a major milestone for many families. For the military family, it can be an even bigger deal if they have chosen to wait out a service member’s career (and multiple PCS moves) until taking the plunge into homeownership. And while it is all very exciting, there are[…]