Top 5 Reasons I PPM/DITY

By Jenah Wieczorek, Army Spouse Every summer the PCS horror stories start to emerge, and they are downright terrifying. No family should be treated that way when moving….it’s stressful enough! Everyone always seems terrified at the prospect of moving their goods, but we tend to forget there are positives here also with a Personally Procured Read more about Top 5 Reasons I PPM/DITY[…]

Colorado Springs

Newly PCSed to Colorado Springs? We’ve Got You Covered!

How was your recent PCS? Disaster or delightful? Nightmarish or Whew! We’re just glad it’s over? Whether you are still reeling from the hit your furniture took or pleasantly surprised that you finally had a smooth move, your fellow military families need to hear from you. Write a review of your Moving Company for the Read more about Newly PCSed to Colorado Springs? We’ve Got You Covered![…]


Moving to Joint Base Lewis–McChord? What Military Families Need to Know.

By Sonia Garza, Army Spouse A Near Century of History Fort Lewis (now known as Joint Base Lewis-McChord [JBLM]) has an almost 100-year history in the Pacific Northwest. What started out to be a small fort, has grown into one of the world’s largest military complexes. Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) was established in accordance with Read more about Moving to Joint Base Lewis–McChord? What Military Families Need to Know.[…]

Weekend Getaway to Vancouver

By Stephanie Montague, Military spouse If you’re stationed in the Puget Sound area, you have the advantage of being close to a beautiful, vibrant city with incredible mountain and water views and tons of outdoor activities, all within a few minutes of the downtown area. No, it’s not Seattle; it’s Vancouver, Canada! Vancouver is the Read more about Weekend Getaway to Vancouver[…]

Pieces of Me

PCS – Pieces of Me

By Britni Miltner, Navy Spouse Yes, I realize there is another “Pieces of Me” by another more famous Britney, but this is MY version – Britni’s version – of Pieces of Me. I leave a piece of my heart in each duty station. PCS (pieces) of Me No matter if it was a location I Read more about PCS – Pieces of Me[…]


Geo-bachelor Housing: A Frequent Conundrum

By Rebecca Alwine, Army Spouse Let’s face it; moving can put a cramp in your style. Just as there are many reasons your neighbors may be excited about moving this summer, there are just as many reasons you are dreading it. Geo-bachelor Housing In this military world, we have a different term for everything, and Read more about Geo-bachelor Housing: A Frequent Conundrum[…]

Fort Bragg

Why I Love Being Stationed at Fort Bragg

By Wendi Iacobello, Army Spouse Fort Bragg and the surrounding area gets a bad reputation most of the time. If you move here with an open mind, you will find many ways to enjoy this area. Even though I am a small town girl and a North Carolina native, I was not thrilled about leaving my Read more about Why I Love Being Stationed at Fort Bragg[…]

Moving to Marine Corps Base Quantico? What Military Families Need to Know.

By Paige Keyser, Air Force Spouse Welcome to the Crossroads of the Marine Corps! Marine Corps Base Quantico is located in northern Virginia between Fredericksburg and Washington D.C. and is part of the National Capital Region. There are approximately 4,000 military service members and their families living on MCB Quantico. It is home to the Read more about Moving to Marine Corps Base Quantico? What Military Families Need to Know.[…]

date night Quantico

Date Night Quantico

By Carla Olivo, USMC Spouse Everyone needs a Date Night every now and then. Some go out at least once a week, while others go once a month or once a quarter. However often you and your spouse get out of the house, check out these fun suggestions for a memorable Date Night Quantico. Date Read more about Date Night Quantico[…]

Why Living On-Base is (sometimes) Harder When You PCS

By Lauren Lomsdale, USMC Spouse With every PCS comes the question: where are we going to live? Our family has lived both on and off-base, and we have loved both for different reasons. Living off-base provided us with a home that we called our own, lots of land, and an opportunity for me to start Read more about Why Living On-Base is (sometimes) Harder When You PCS[…]