Some Great Space A Travel Resources

Summer is prime time for military and veteran families to take advantage of Space A travel. Veteran John Jackson is somewhat of an expert in mastering this great military perk. Here are his favorite Space A travel resources. At the top of the list is his own website which is a wealth of info for Space A travel.

By John W Jackson Jr, USAF Ret.

Space A Travel Resources

  1. UJ Space A Info – Contains information for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, transportation, base facilities, phone numbers, attractions, and Space A contacts for every Space A location in the world.
  2. Space A Travelers of USA– A Space A closed group that has many knowledgeable Administrators to help you with any questions that you may have or information that you may need.
  3. FDD Viewer– With this page you can determine where bases *usually* fly and what bases *usually* fly to them.  Some of the smaller bases do not have all the information because the flights are so infrequent.
  4. UJ Space A Traveling Club– If you’d like to look for someone to travel with or going the same way to help reduce the cost of traveling, this is the Facebook page for you.
  5. UJ Space A House Swap/Lodging– This Facebook page is a great resource if you would like to swap houses with another Space A traveler to eliminate or reduce lodging and/or transportation costs.  Also with this page you can list a rental or free space you may have for a Space A traveler.  This page is for people traveling Space A only.
  6. Lady Cat 6 from Outer Space A– This website is aimed at Category 6 travelers, the retired military. The website Admin is very knowledgeable about Space A overall, especially for retirees.
  7. Poppin’ Smoke– This is another website dedicated to retired military. This Army spouse has a very nice explanation about how Space A works overall.
  8. Space A Flights– This website features a schedule of many Space A flights, even beyond the normal 72 hours.  All flights are subject to change at any time so do not take flight times as concrete.  Times are estimated based on past data.

Keep checking the PCSgrades blog for more on the ins and outs of Space A travel.

Author: John W Jackson Jr. retired from the Air Force in 1993. He’s been married to a Filipina for just over 37 years. They have a son and four grandsons. They’ve lived in the Philippines for the past seven years but frequently make visits back to Texas. John is an avid NFL fan and his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. He likes John Wayne, Hank Williams Jr, listening to older country music and a nice steak (medium well)! When he is not involved with the Empire Builder series games or playing dominoes, he offers sage advice on how to travel using Space A.

2 thoughts on “Some Great Space A Travel Resources

  • Hello Mr. Jackson, Jr. My husband is a retired US Navy (retired on 1993 also) & worked as Civilian at Air Force/Army Base in Nellis, Las Vegas, NV & retired on 2012). I retired 2013 and we decided to settle in here in the Philippines. His former shipmate recommended us to use Space-A privileges since they have been doing it traveling around the world on Space-A (they are originating Space-A from any Military Station in USA). Since we are now living here in the Philippines, we should be originating from Clark Air Base. I read some of the do’s and don’ts re Space-A Travel and we would like to try it anytime from now. Maybe, if you don’t mind to give us some tips utilizing the Space-A Travel. Thank you.

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