Out of the Mouths of Military Babes….

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications My husband and I have often had a good laugh at the antics of one of our kids, our military babes. Usually, it is something they say, but sometimes it’s their wacky assumptions about military life. One time, my six-year-old son and I were dropping my daughter Read more about Out of the Mouths of Military Babes….[…]

Spring Getaways (on a budget) Galore!

  By D’Antrese McNeil, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate Earlier this year my husband and I were discussing what to do for spring break. Our oldest walks by and says “Parentals, can we please NOT spend spring break spring cleaning again? Please?” Our two middle kids appropriately nicknamed Pebbles and Bam Bam both chime in with “Oh Read more about Spring Getaways (on a budget) Galore![…]

5 Go-To Lifesavers When Traveling with Kids

Whether you are PCSing, hitting the road to house hunt, or for a spring break getaway, traveling with kids can be a challenge. Proud Partner Amy Rowland of Play Across America offers us her expertise for riding long distances with the little ones. And, we might add, she is the quite the expert as she Read more about 5 Go-To Lifesavers When Traveling with Kids[…]

Costly PCS Blunders! One Military Family’s Tale

By D’Antrese McNeil PCSing can be one of the most stressful, unnerving, and sometimes even fun experiences a military family can go through. But one thing’s for sure, they always cost you real money. For the most part, the expenses associated with moving are supposed to be “covered”, but we all know it doesn’t always Read more about Costly PCS Blunders! One Military Family’s Tale[…]

5 Tips for PCSing with Kids

By Rheanna Christine After months and months, you’ve finally gotten an almost definite date for your PCS. It might actually happen soon, and now you mentally begin to prepare for packing your three kids into a car and heading from one side of the country to another. PCSing with Kids A PCS can be a Read more about 5 Tips for PCSing with Kids[…]

Dogs On Deployment Military Pet of the Year

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Stategic Communications Director Voting is underway for the 2017 Dogs On Deployment Military Pet of the Year contest! Each year this national non-profit seeks to put the spotlight on military pet owners and their commitment to a healthy, engaged lifestyle with their dogs. Dogs on Deployment (DoD) provides a valuable network for Read more about Dogs On Deployment Military Pet of the Year[…]

5 Things Every Military Family Needs to Know When Moving Back Stateside

By Rebecca Alwine Moving overseas is exciting. Doing it on the government’s dime is even better. The trips you can take, the adventures that await, and the close community are some of the top reasons military families love overseas assignments. But every overseas tour comes to an end. Usually, that end date is known before Read more about 5 Things Every Military Family Needs to Know When Moving Back Stateside[…]

Out & About in Colorado Springs

There’s no better time to get out and enjoy Colorado Springs and Colorado than in the winter months.  The weather might be a bit chilly but there is plenty to do! Enjoy winter festivals, concerts, and family-friendly events all around town.  And find some great ideas for Valentine’s Day too! Cirque du Soleil OVO          Read more about Out & About in Colorado Springs[…]

Traveling with Kids – Your Entry into the New “Mile High Club”

By Amy Rowland The couple attempts to discreetly work their way to the back of the plane without drawing too much attention to themselves. After anxiously waiting in the galley for a minute, they slip into the cramped restroom virtually unnoticed. The woman sighs with relief that they have not yet attracted the attention of Read more about Traveling with Kids – Your Entry into the New “Mile High Club”[…]

Ugh! The Dreaded Holiday PCS

By Rebecca Alwine Moving is hard. Moving over the holidays is even harder. There are so many questions and things to consider. Do you decorate? Where do you ship presents? Will you be in a hotel or visiting family? Sometimes it feels easier just to skip the holiday season when it comes in the middle Read more about Ugh! The Dreaded Holiday PCS[…]