How More and More REALTORS® are Choosing to Support the Military and Veteran Community

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications Each year approximately 650,000 service members are issued orders to relocate to a new duty station. According to the Blue Star Families 2015 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, military families move, on average, seven times more often than civilian families. Of those families, the 2008 DMDC Survey of[…]

The Skinny on Title Insurance

By Rebecca Alwine, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate You’ve found your perfect house, and you’ve figured out all of the details, including the closing costs. But now something new has surfaced in your conversations with Realtors or lenders, title insurance. Now you’re thinking, of course, one more thing that needs to be paid. You may even be[…]

Making Healthy Choices on Spring Break

By Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, PCSgrades Guest Blogger Spring break is just around the corner!  Who loves to travel?  All hands go up.  Who loves that sluggish, blah feeling that comes about after you return home when you think about all the rich food and lack of activity that occurred while you were gone?  No hands. Well,[…]

Finding Joy in Your Duty Station

By Rheanna Christine, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate We all know that in military life we don’t always get what we want. We face deployments that happen at inconvenient times, last minute TDYs, over-night shifts and the dreaded “not anywhere on my dream sheet” PCS location. Blogs all over the internet talk about the worst duty locations,[…]

I Hate Our New Duty Station!

By D’AntreseMcNeil, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate I like to believe I am a pretty open person. I mean, you have to be as a military family, because you essentially never REALLY know where the military is going to place you every few years. With that said, I approach every new duty station with a positive outlook,[…]

Moving OCONUS: A Guide For Military Families Part 3

Part 3 – Returning Home!  By Stacey Faris Through a three-part series, Moving OCONUS: Before, During and After, PCSgrades is here to help you to navigate the ins and outs of an OCONUS move from the minute your spouse walks in and yells “Kon’nichiwa!” or “Guten Tag!” to the time you land back stateside. When Part[…]

Rent VS Buy Military Families Need to Weigh Their Options

By Carla Olivo, PCSgrades Director of Strategic Communications There are any number of reasons why in a given situation renting might be better than buying or vice versa. For military families, it might make more sense to buy at one duty station and then rent at the next. Up for consideration with each PCS is whether[…]

Do I Really Need a Realtor if I’m Buying New?

By Rebecca Alwine, PCSgrades Blogger Affiliate The short answer, yes, you really do. Kate Christofides, a Realtor with Century 21 New Millennium in McLean, Virginia, says, without a doubt, you absolutely still need a realtor, even if you are buying new construction. There are several reasons to have your own Realtor. Here’s Why Representation –[…]