Space A Travel Newbie?

  By John W Jackson Jr, USAF Ret. Just exactly what is this Space-A travel that you probably heard so much about?  Check out the following tips for understanding how Space A travel works. Space-A Travel Newbie? Mission First Space-A stands for Space Available, traveling on military (and sometimes commercial) air crafts for free or for Read more about Space A Travel Newbie?[…]

Fun Day Trips from MCAS Miramar

By Lauren Dyer, Marine Spouse If you happen to be lucky enough to get stationed at MCAS Miramar, then you’re in for a treat.  There are an endless amount of activities for every type of person.  Whether you like to spend a night on the town or spend the day outdoors, there is truly something Read more about Fun Day Trips from MCAS Miramar[…]

5 Summer Reads for Military Spouses

By Rheanna Christine, National Guard Spouse I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally reached that point in my mom life where I finally have more time to read. When you’re younger you spend a lot of time reading for school; you long for the time where you can simply read for fun. For those Read more about 5 Summer Reads for Military Spouses[…]


8 Kitchen Essentials to Bring With You During a PCS

By Rebecca Alwine, Army Spouse I don’t pretend to be a great cook. In fact, if you ask me what I’m making for dinner, I’ll respond with my usual “I don’t cook dinner.” I really don’t. I mean, food is prepared in my house for my family to eat 6 out of the 7 nights Read more about 8 Kitchen Essentials to Bring With You During a PCS[…]

Making the Most of Your Last Week at Your Duty Station

By Julie Provost, National Guard Spouse Time is coming to an end. That place you have called home for the last three years will soon become a memory. You are PCSing to a new location and can’t wait to get there. At the same time, you want to make the most of your last week Read more about Making the Most of Your Last Week at Your Duty Station[…]

Date Night Washington D.C.

  By Carla Olivo, Marine Spouse Date Night can mean a lot of things depending on timing and mood. A Date Night after a deployment might call for a night of romance while a Date Night after weeks of long hours at the Pentagon or a PCS might call for a casual night of relaxation Read more about Date Night Washington D.C.[…]

You Can’t Always Take It With You

By Rebecca Alwine,  Army Spouse A friend recently asked me my top piece of advice for a PCS. She’d moved a few times before, but they were certainly not seamless moves. I immediately thought of 5 Items Military Families Should Pack Themselves with some really good tips. Packing things to carry yourself is never on Read more about You Can’t Always Take It With You[…]

Fun Day Trips From Camp Pendleton

By Carla Olivo, Marine Spouse Coastal California is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. From Los Angeles to San Diego, Oceanside to San Clemente there is an abundance of things to see and do, all within a day’s drive of Camp Pendleton. Amusement Parks The mild Southern California weather makes day-tripping easy. Read more about Fun Day Trips From Camp Pendleton[…]

Your Northern Virginia Bucket List

By Carla Olivo, Marine Spouse Those stationed at the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir or really anywhere in the National Capital Region, know that you could venture out every day and experience something totally new and unique. From shopping at quaint stores in Occoquan to seeing over 15,000 candles lit to honor America’s soldiers, there is always Read more about Your Northern Virginia Bucket List[…]

PCS Stories You Wouldn’t Believe!

By Rebecca Alwine, Army Spouse We all have that one PCS memory, the one that stands out as being the most ridiculous or hilarious or nightmarish. Sometimes we look back and sigh with frustration at the time the movers lost our favorite piece of Polish pottery. Other times we laugh about how ridiculous we must Read more about PCS Stories You Wouldn’t Believe![…]